The next Sea of Thieves update is called ‘Fort of the Damned’ coming October 16th

Article by · September 26, 2019 ·

Every week Rare posts a developer update for their ever changing, ever evolving pirate adventure game. This week Joe Neate, the executive producer on Sea of Thieves, has revealed the date and name of the new content update for the game. It’s called Fort of the Damned and it’s coming October 16th.

Sea of Thieves developer update

We don’t know anything about the new update. But we hope to see more additions to the pet system and the prematurely leaked fire mechanics.

The name of the update makes it seem we’ll see an update on the forts. The skeleton forts have been a very essential part of the Sea of Thieves experience. It’s a fast way to gain loot and experience points, but when you go to a skeleton fort, you’ll be in plain sight of the whole server. The skeleton cloud in the sky isn’t easily missed.

Or maybe it’s just another festival.. right, Joe?

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