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Rare is adding coloured underwear to Sea of Thieves

As the developer updates by executive producer Joe Neate have turned into community updates more and more the news from these updates get less exciting by the week. Next week Rare is launching the Fort of the Damned update for Sea of Thieves, but it seems they are tight-lipped about it. We did learn one new thing. Rare is adding […]


Sea of Thieves Content Update: Smugglers Fortune

September is here, and so is the latest update for Sea of Thieves, titled “Smugglers Fortune”. Finally Pirates can buy themselves a monkey or parrot, dress them up, and fire them out of a cannon. What’s not to like? For a full rundown, check out the video below, alongside the release notes from Rare.


Rare reveals pets and ‘the Pirate Emporium’

During a special livestream Rare has shown more information on pets and microtransactions coming to the game in two days. And they had a monkey puking live on stream. If that’s not a good start for a new content update, I don’t know what is. In a special stream focused on pets and the Pirate Emporium, Sea of Thieves’ microtransaction […]


Rare Dev accidentally announces “Fire” mechanic coming to Sea of Thieves.

In a somewhat hilarious blunder, a Rare Dev playing alongside the team during the latest Sea of Thieves live stream announced a new game mechanic that’s obviously NOT been officially announced….certainly judging by his reaction. And that feature is FIRE. You can enjoy the moment he realised his error below (1:04:11): Apparently, this is not the first time, as this […]


Pets are coming to Sea of Thieves this September!

In an interview with Eurogamer the team behind the sandbox pirating experience Sea of Thieves talk about their new monthly update schedule and how this affects the stream of content coming to the game. And they’ve got a little furred surprise for us next month. It can be hard for a studio to create a decent work-life balance. Sea of […]


Sea of Thieves new monthly update ‘Dark Relics’ adds rowboats with harpoons, better hit detection and more

Rare’s pirate adventure game has had a couple of big updates in its first year of existence. Since the Anniversary Update in April, the studio has changed their method of updating the game. Last month the Black Powder Stashes update was the first monthly update. From now on, Rare will update the game every month on the first Wednesday of […]


Rare reveals changes coming to Sea of Thieves’ Arena mode

In a fittingly named video series called the ‘Inn-side story’ the team behind Microsoft’s biggest new IP of the generation, Sea of Thieves, has revealed some smaller and bigger changes coming to the Arena mode. It’s time for sloops, ranked matches and more things to earn. An Inn-Side story Rare has been excellent with communicating with their player base these […]


Sea of Thieves & Twitch announce $100,000 tournament

Rare & Twitch are hosting a Twitch:Rivals event for Sea of Thieves. These Twitch:Rivals events are events where affiliaties and partners can compete in streamer versus streamer games. The stream will be hosted on but viewers can also watch the content creators they like. The tournament will be held on July 23th in North America and July 24th in […]


Sea of Thieves – Black Powder Stashes

Sea of Thieves started off light on content, but they keep adding to the game. Following the large “Anniversary update” earlier this year, they’ve announced the return to Monthly Content Updates, with the announcement of Black Powder Stashes. Visit Duke to pick up new voyages, all paying out gunpowder kegs. Turn them into any Trading Company for reputation. Boom! Job […]


Sea of Thieves – A Voyage Worth Taking

Rather than harp on about how much I think of Sea of Thieves truly is one of those games that comes along once every generation, I want to tell you the tale of a brave, tenacious crew and their quest to keep their loot. Our captain led us through the night on a calm sea, and we arrived as the […]