US’s FTC Granted Temporary Restraining Order, Block Microsoft Acquisition of ABK

UPDATE: The FTC has now been granted an temporary restraining order against Microsoft’s acquisition of ABK. This means that Microsoft will not be allowed to make the purchase until a hearing on June 22nd-23rd, where the court will be considering an preliminary injunction. Microsoft and Activision will submit their brief in opposition before then. You can read the response from the court here.

Source: Tom Warren, The Verge

ORIGINAL POST: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is rumored to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard (ABK). According to a report by CNBC, a person familiar with the matter stated that the FTC is set to file an injunction on June 12th, which is an order to have one or more parties do or cease a certain action. The injunction will then be reviewed by a court which will then determine if the injunction will be granted.

The FTC has already shown displeasure towards the acquisition with their lawsuit to block the purchase, and while this is certainly another legal battle for Microsoft, it does not mean that the merger will not happen. If the injunction is granted, the case will more than likely go to federal court. Microsoft is still currently in the process to file their appeal against the decision by the CMA.

Source: CNBC

This is a developing article, we will update this article with any further information.

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