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Microsoft’s gaming business drops 7% in revenue this quarter – Fortnite isn’t boosting revenue, next generation approaching

With every quarter that passes Microsoft seems to report less and less about the gaming division at Microsoft. This quarter is the first one in a long time where we won’t get the monthly active Xbox Live users. We do get the revenue growth (or drop) and information on services, content and hardware. Here are the details. Services and content […]


Microsoft Trademarks “Discover Your Next Favorite Game”

Gamepass is a very diverse service with many different titles, from multiplayer only games, action and adventure. all the way through to quirky indie games. It seems Microsoft wants gamers to know that Gamepass has a lot to offer and may even help them find a title they will enjoy immensely. Since it’s inception, Microsoft had the following tagline: Recently, […]


Microsoft, together with Sony and Nintendo, commit to disclosing loot box odds

With governments in many countries questioning the practice of loot boxes in gaming, the ESA has announced three major platform holders, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, have committed to disclose the odds before a customer purchases a loot box, or a ‘surprise mechanic’ as EA would say. This commitment will reach further than only their first party games. Third party games […]