You will be able to earn credits via progression in Season 2 of Halo Infinite

One of the most requested additions to Halo Infinite has been a way to earn credits via progression to spend in the in game store.

Head of Design at 343 Jerry Hook confirmed earlier today that this highly requested feature will come to Halo Infinite in season 2 of the game.

This is great news for those looking for improvements to the game, and shows that 343 is listening closely to feedback fans have been giving.


While Halo Infinite was met with critical acclaim upon launch, a subpar progression system, overpriced in game store, and broken Big Team Battle playlist has marred what is otherwise an excellent game. Luckily 343 is moving quickly to address these issues to deliver the game Halo fans want.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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