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Halo Reach – Xbox 360 and Xbox One X Comparison!

Gear up Spartans, Halo Reach has recently been released for the Xbox One and PC. In this video we see how the Xbox One X version compares to the Xbox 360 original! Right away we see a massive increase in both frame rate and resolution. The game runs at a mostly solid 60fps on the Xbox One X while rendering […]


343 Community Manager talks about recent departures from team

A few months back, Creative Director at 343 Tim Longo departed the team. There was no reason given, but when a lead on a project leaves it can be a little suspicious. Recently, Mary Olson, Executive Producer on Infinite, left the team as well. This lead to a lot of “concern” about what was happening at 343 and what this […]


Halo Infinite’s creative director Tim Longo leaves 343i

Today, Kotaku has reported that the creative director of Halo Infinite is leaving Microsoft and 343 industries. The departure seems part of a leadership shakeup at the flagship studio. Microsoft has made a statement to Kotaku about his departure: Roles and responsibilities of various team members regularly evolve to meet the needs of a game, throughout development. We have recently […]


Halo Wars 2 support has officially ended

The time has come for Halo Wars 2. 343i has officially announced that there won’t be any new content coming to the game. The team responsible for Halo Wars 2 support, the 343i Publishing Team, is hard at work getting Halo Reach in the Master Chief Collection and getting said collection onto PC. Fans of the RTS set in the […]