Phil Spencer shares intent to honour all previous agreements and desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

In a turbulent week with the announcement that Microsoft is set to acquire Activision-Blizzard, one of the subjects which was spoken about a lot was the possible exclusivity of Call of Duty. Today, CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer revealed their intentions regarding Activision’s biggest gaming property. On Twitter he shared the following: ”Had good calls this week with leaders at Sony. I confirmed our intent to honor all existing agreements upon acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship.”

While it was already expected – due to the Zenimax/Bethesda acquisition precedent – that service titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone would remain on PlayStation. This Tweet by Phil Spencer could mean future Call of Duty titles will also release on PlayStation consoles. Which could be due to existing marketing deals between Activision Blizzard and Sony regarding the first person shooter franchsie.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

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