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Tag: Phil Spencer


Control will be joining GamePass according to Phil Spencer

Control is a third person action game developed by Remedy Entertainment, creators of Xbox exclusives Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Control is the first game in about a decade that wasn’t exclusive to a Microsoft platform. Control was a pretty niche game and didn’t appear to sell well, but it’s one of the best games of the year and absolutely […]


Phil Spencer “Nobody’s asking for VR”

Phil Spencer made his stance on VR pretty clear in an interview with Stevivor. He says that “I have some issues with VR — it’s isolating and I think of games as a communal, kind of together experience. We’re responding to what our customers are asking for and…nobody’s asking for VR” This is an interesting comment from Spencer and might […]


Project xCloud invitations are rolling out today

This week users who’ve signed up for the public preview of Project xCloud can expect an e-mail from Xbox. Invitations are rolling out this week. It’s unclear how many people are being invited. We do know the preview is happening in the US, UK and South Korea. Phil Spencer has announced invites are going out right now. People with Android […]


“Our plan is that controllers that work on XB1 will work on Scarlett”, says Phil Spencer

There’s not too many details about Project Scarlett yet, but we might have just received some good news about the upcoming console. In a reply to a question about future controller compatibility, Phil Spencer had this to say. This could have been predicted going off of Xbox’s forward thinking compatibility across the ecosystem and their overall message of convenience for […]


Phil Spencer: ”Xbox is a profitable business today”

In an interview with Fortune Magazine the head of gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, talked about xCloud, their relationship with Sony and the gaming business overall. It’s a 40 minute interview. During the interview Phil Spencer mentions that the Xbox division is profitable. He also mentions that they see it as a growth business. They are not trying to maximize […]


Xbox shows the behind the scenes of E3 in mini-doc

Today Xbox posted a mini documentary on their YouTube channel showing the behind the scenes of their biggest show of the year. It’s a fast paced video showing the main presenters. The video features Phil Spencer (head of gaming), Sarah Bond (head of partnerships) and Rahni Tucker (creative director at Ninja Theory) among others. You can watch the ‘special featurette’ […]