New Halo Canon Fodder: Halo Infinite Timeline, New Book, Armor Lore, and More!

A brand new Canon Fodder has dropped in what has been a busy month for Halo Infinite news. In this latest update, a ton of intriguing pieces of lore related Halo news have dropped and they span a variety of topics.

The first is a bit of a background on Halo Infinite’s story timeline. In this update, it is confirmed that Infinite’s campaign “begins roughly six months after UNSC forces were ambushed at Zeta Halo.” This means that as the Master Chief, you will be arriving on Zeta Halo well into the Banished Assault on the Installation. Things seem pretty dire, but there really isn’t anyone better to clean up a mess than the Chief.

A brand new book by Kelly Gay entitled “Halo: The Rubicon Protocol” has been revealed as well. The setup for this book is Humanity’s fight against the Banished during the initial Assault on Zeta Halo. This book will line up around the same time period as Halo Infinite’s story so it may serve as a nice companion piece.

The final piece of major lore comes by the way of new information for some of the armor that will be available in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Make sure to check that out for more details about that stellar looking armor.

If you want even more Halo goodness, check out our latest episode of “You Had Me At Halo” as we discuss all things Halo Infinite.

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