Microsoft earnings: Gaming revenue grew 50% YoY & Xbox hardware grew 232% YoY. Entirety of Microsoft’s profits were 15.5 billion dollars last quarter

Microsoft makes a lot of money. And gaming is only a small aspect of Microsoft’s revenue streams. Today Microsoft revealed their quarterly results and it seems Microsoft has earned two Bethesda’s worth of profit this past quarter.

  • Revenue for the past quarter was $41.7 billion (up 19%)
  • Net income was $15.5 billion (up 44%)
  • More Personal Computing (one of three Microsoft divisions, which includes Xbox) revenue was $13 billion (up 19%)
  • Gaming revenue grew 50%
  • Xbox content and services revenue up by 34%
  • Xbox hardware revenue up 232%

Overall it seems like a good quarter for Xbox. Hardware revenue increased a lot Year on Year due to the release of a new console. The same quarter last year was the last non-COVID quarter. Since then gaming revenue has grown significantly. Meanwhile the consumer division at Microsoft, More Personal Computing, is the smallest division at the company in terms of revenue.

We’ll update this post if more information is published during the shareholders call later today.

During the investor’s call Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said the following about demand for the consoles: “demand significantly exceeded supply for Xbox Series X and S consoles”

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