New Everwild details shared during the #WomenOfXboxUK podcast

Louise O’Connor, Executive Producer on Rare’s Everwild, joined the Women Of Xbox UK podcast to discuss her history at Rare as well as her upcoming game, Everwild. The game is still mostly shrouded in mystery, but there were a few interesting details dropped during the podcast.

Louise O’Connor spent a lot of time talking about how nature and magic are combined in Everwild. She discusses how the creatures in the game are inspired by real world animals but they were all given a twist to make sure that they fit in the game they were making.

O’Connor also discusses how the game is about exploring the world and discovering new things. Fans of Sea of Thieves will find comfort with Everwild it seems.

There were not too many more details presented in the podcast, but Louise O’Connor did express that she wanted players to feel like they did when they were children and they went out and explored their surroundings.

So far this game has been presented as a magical game that you “feel” and it seems to be a game that will likely be very special. Hopefully we see the game in action soon as it is easily one of the most anticipated games coming out of Xbox Game Studios.

For more context for these details, and to listen to a genuinely fantastic podcast watch the video above. Also make sure to check out this podcast in the future as more amazing guests have already been confirmed like Sarah Bond and Shannon Loftis.

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