Halo series on Showtime has returned to filming and loses a director

Today the official Halo on Showtime Twitter account has posted a photo of Pablo Schreiber, who will play Master Chief, in front of what seems to be his film set cabin.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter (reported on by ScreenRant) has revealed director M.J. Bassett won’t be able to work on the project any longer due to conflicting schedules.

”I got wrapped about a few days before I was due to start shooting, and I can’t go back to it because I have another project I was penciled in for. It’s my next movie, in fact. I managed to keep the date for the movie, but Halo is also going to get up and running on that date. So I had a conflict and had to step away, which is a terrible shame because Halo is going to be a really fun show. I was really looking forward to it. We built the sets, planned everything and had scripts that were working. It’s going to be an enormous, enormous show. Pablo Schreiber is going to be a great Master Chief. The whole cast was good, but unfortunately, I can’t go back to it

It does seem the show is coming along slowly but steadily. The crew has returned to filming, even without Bassett’s involvement in the Showtime series.

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