We are 343 Industries – promotional video found on YouTube

Update: Remember this video? Well it’s made its way back on to YouTube, courtesy of the Master Chief himself, Steve Downes. And we can’t be sure, but we think there’s some edits and additional interviews here. We’ve updated the YouTube link and the original article is below:

Original Article:

Meet the developers of Halo. Today a video to show the studio and the developers of 343 Industries was found on YouTube. It was posted on July 1st 2019.

The description on the video can be seen below:

Deep in the Pacific Northwest, past the evergreens and the Snoqualmie – where the snow tipped cascades melt into the waters of the Puget Sound – a studio of hundreds of artists, designers, writers, directors and storytellers, contribute to the next chapter of Halo. It’s a delicate balance of forging new roads while respecting a legacy. This is Halo, we are 343 Industries. Meet the developers shaping the future of the franchise, and learn more about our mission, our vision, and values

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