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Control will be joining GamePass according to Phil Spencer


Control is a third person action game developed by Remedy Entertainment, creators of Xbox exclusives Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Control is the first game in about a decade that wasn’t exclusive to a Microsoft platform. Control was a pretty niche game and didn’t appear to sell well, but it’s one of the best games of the year and absolutely worth playing even at full price.

If you haven’t played the game yet and you’re a GamePass subscriber then you might be in luck. During an Extra Life stream Phil Spencer said that “Control was really good, it didn’t reach enough people, so I’m glad to see it’s coming in to Game Pass so hopefully more people play it.”

There has been no confirmation elsewhere that this is happening, but considering it is coming straight from the head of Xbox’s mouth it all but confirms it. It makes sense considering Control didn’t do gangbusters on the market, so the influx of GamePass cash might help make up for it.

If and when it does come to GamePass I highly recommend you play it, it’s a special game

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