Insider content for Flight Simulator is coming soon – plus more info on the game

One of the biggest surprise announcements of E3 was Microsoft announcing a new Flight Simulator. The last successful Flight Simulator from Microsoft – let’s forget about MS Flight – was released in 2006. Today, the team behind the new Flight Simulator has revealed their plans for the coming months.

Microsoft Flight Simulator E3 2019 trailer

As with most Microsoft games these days, Flight Simulator has an insider program. You can sign up for the program here.

In the team’s new blogpost we can read that the first insider content is being prepared by the team during the next month. At the end of August we will hear detailed information on the build going out to Insiders. This coincides with Gamescom, so we could see announcements there.

Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshot from the E3 trailer

It seems the Flight Simulator team will be working with fans, both Xbox Insiders as Aviation sim enthusiasts, to create the game. In September they’ll talk more about how they are going to include the community into the development process. Oh, and they’ll talk about third party content support and the SDK they are building too.

In a couple of weeks we’ll also get ”In Sim content” where they’ll show clips from the current build. And they ended the blogpost with a small teaser. Their next update will include an announcement related to Flight Simulator X.

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