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The Outer Worlds nominated for Game of the Year Award – not a lot of nominations for Xbox Game Studios

Obsidian Entertainment is among the nominees for game of the year. The Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley, revealed the nominations this week. Xbox Game Studios didn’t collect a whole lot of nominations this year. Gears 5 is nominated for best action game and best audio design. Laura Bailey, as Kait Diaz in Gears 5 is nominated for best performance. […]


Gears 5 wins Golden Joystick Award for best Xbox game

This weekend the Golden Joystick Awards were held in London. Two games made by Xbox Game Studios were nominated for the awards. Gears 5 from The Coalition has won the award for best Xbox game. The game of the year award went to Resident Evil 2 Remake. Other notable award winners are: Most wanted gameCyberpunk 2077 Critic’s Choice AwardControl Best […]


Four new characters added to Gears 5 today

As of today The Coalition has added four new characters to Gears 5. The new characters are General RAAM, Warden, DeeBee and COG Gear. With General RAAM being the most famous one who was absent in the initial line-up. General RAAM, the Warden and the DeeBee’s will be available in Arcade and have their own unique abilities and playstyles. The […]


Review: Gears 5 – Gnashing.

For those at the back not paying attention, our Gears 5 review is split into two segments, one covering the campaign, the other covering the multiplayer. While we wait for Jack to rip that door so we can dive into everything surrounding the expansive multiplayer offering, let’s get on with it shall we?


Gears 5 has been plagued by online issues.

Gears 5 has been plagued by online issues since it launched in “early access” for those who have the ultimate versions of the game. Everything from disconnects, long wait times in between games, issues with the Campaign, stats not tracking, and more. Connectivity issues are almost expected during the initial week of a game, but it’s still frustrating to see […]


Gears 5 Reviews are Here!

Gears 5, the highly anticipated entry in a beloved franchise, is almost here! Reviews have been pouring in ever since the embargo broke, and reviews seem very positive. The game is currently sitting at an 85 on MetaCritic and 86 on OpenCritic. Both sites are linked above, and you can click on them to check out what reviewers are saying. […]


Dave Bautista is finally in Gears

Dave Bautista, famous for being a star in the WWE and many movies, is finally in Gears. Bautista has long campaigned to play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming Gears movie, and he finally gets his chance, but for now it will be in video game form. Bautista announced on twitter that he will be a playable characters in Gears 5, […]


Ninja to stream Gears 5 Campaign

Ninja, who recently signed an exclusive streaming deal with Mixer, will be streaming the Gears 5 Campaign later tonight. He announced this earlier today on Twitter, and it sounds like he will get exclusive access to stream the game first. The review embargo for the game is going to be lifted tomorrow at 6:01AM PST, and the game will be […]


Gears 5- Launch Maps Trailer

Gears 5 is right around the corner, and The Coalition just dropped a trailer showing off the launch maps for the game. There’s a nice mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical maps with cool themes and environments (Asylum is my favorite). It’s an exciting time for Gears fans, we’ll have all of the coverage of the game as we begin to […]


Halo Reach character pack coming to Gears 5

It looks like there will be a Halo Reach-Gears 5 tie in, and from the image below it looks like it will be a Reach character pack in Gears 5 multiplayer. Reddit user NothingxGood is the one who spotted this, and it looks like this is a case of pulling the trigger too soon. Gamescom kicks off very soon, in […]