Inside the Xbox Series S

Earlier today, Microsoft released a video that takes an in-depth look at the Xbox Series S with Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management. The video in question discusses the goals of the Series S and X and why the console came to be—a next-gen capable console and at a low price point was important for Xbox’s vision of gaming on the many platforms that we use in our daily lives.

The video also entails information about the Xbox Velocity Architecture, the “ultimate solution for game asset streaming in the next generation”, according to Microsoft. We can see the console’s SSD in action as well, with a comparison of the Xbox One S and Xbox Series S loading into The Outer Worlds. Watching the One S struggle to resume a saved game compared to the Series S is key to understanding why an SSD is important for games moving forward.

Jason also talks about the console’s ‘Quick Resume’ feature, a feature available on both the Xbox Series S and X that allows players to quickly switch from recently played games and picking up right where they left off—no logos, no menus, no nothing—and it works even with Xbox 360 and Original Xbox titles!

There’s also a little talk about 120 frames per second (“FPS”) support from The Coalition and why that’s going to be awesome for gamers. There’s footage of games running on the Xbox Series S all over the video, so I highly recommend sparing 8 minutes of your time and watching the video for yourself.

The Xbox Series S launches on the 10th of November, 2020. Pre-orders go live on September 22nd.

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