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Gears 5 new story DLC named Hivebusters coming in December

Today The Coalition has revealed some information on updates for Gears 5 coming this holiday. It seems IGN has the exclusive, so for the original information check out their article.

New story DLC

It wasn’t completely a secret, as screenshots of this new story for Gears 5 had leaked. But today we get the confirmation that the characters from the Hivebusters mode in Gears 5 are getting their own story arc. This is what Zoe Curnoe, principal lead designer at The Coalition has to say about it.

“All I can say is December and the title is Hivebusters, so it might give you a little hint as to what that content might contain. That’ll be available on the new consoles as well, so it’ll be optimized for those two.”

Information on pricing and possible inclusion in Game Pass hasn’t been revealed yet.

Play as Batista in the original campaign

Dave Bautista’s WWE persona will be playable in the campaign. You can replace Marcus Fenix with Batista. He’ll be fully voiced and mocapped for the occasion.

And obviously there will be plenty of visual enhancements to Gears 5 for owners of the new Xbox consoles. Including new 60 frames per second cinematics. Which will be noticeable for sure.

For more information, read the article at IGN.

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