Halo Infinite Adds 8 More Maps With Its Tenrai III Event & Husky Raid Returns Next Week

Even more new maps, this time Samurai themed!

What you need to know

  • Tenrai III, the third iteration of the Tenrai Event, starts today and will go on for two weeks
  • The event comes with two new playlists, both using 8 new Tenrai themed forge maps
  • Husky Raid will return next week as its own playlist

The next Halo Infinite event is here, and it’s Tenrai III! This time it comes with two dedicated playlists alongside 8 themed maps made by the Forge community. Each map looks incredible, and if you want a deeper look check out the video linked above!

The event also has a free ten-level event pass with some cosmetic goodies as well as new Tenrai focused shop items to browse.

Also announced is that fan favourite mode, Husky Raid, will be returning to the game as its own playlist next week, just two weeks after it left. And this time it’ll have Super Fiesta as a mode in the playlist, let the chaos ensue!

The full list of maps:



Aarsal "Soulblazerz" Masoodi

Like many, I started my Xbox journey with Halo CE and I've been a pretty big fan ever since. I don't know too much about the technical mumbo jumbo but I know that the future of Xbox looks bright and I'm happy to be along for the ride.

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