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Ghostwire: Tokyo coming to Xbox and Game Pass on April 12th. Features New Spider’s Thread Mode, New Areas, and Much More.

What you Need to Know

  • Xbox Version of Ghostwire: Tokyo coming to Xbox Series Consoles and Windows Store on April 12th
  • Available Day One on Game Pass
  • New Content includes new modes, enemy types, areas, and skills

Ghostwire: Tokyo finally has a release date on Xbox, April 12th, 2023. It will be hitting Game Pass day one on Xbox Series consoles and the Windows Store. This is a similar 1-year+ waiting period as we saw with Deathloop, as Sony locked up the Tango Gameworks title for the first year on PS5. The game released to solid reviews, and Xbox Era should have one ready to go for the Xbox version closer to launch.

Alongside the Xbox version’s release will be a bevy of new content:

  • Spider’s Thread – This is a new game mode set outside of the main story. Players must work through a thirty-stage gauntlet from a pool of 120 total levels. Each stage has unique challenges but they all have the same goal, make it to the end.
  • New Areas & Additional Story Content – There will be more areas added to the game such as the local Middle School. The new areas have additional missions for players to complete. Cutscenes in the main campaign are extended as well to give further detail and context to what is going on.
  • New Enemies & Player Skills – There will be new enemy types, such as the invisible Silent Gaze and the Retribution enemy type. Your character will gain the new Charge Rush and Counter Attack skills to help combat these new foes.

All of these changes will be available in the PS5 and PC versions of the game that was released in March of last year as well. The full press release is copied below for your convenience.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches on Xbox on April 12 Alongside New Content Update

On April 12, Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks will launch a free update to the critically acclaimed, super-natural action game Ghostwire: Tokyo with an all-new game mode, new areas to explore, extended story cutscenes, quality-of-life improvements, and more for current and future owners on PlayStation 5 and PC.

In addition, the updated and expanded version will launch with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.The new content and gameplay modes included in the Spider’s Thread update will offer the most complete version of Tango’s spooky Tokyo from day 1 on Xbox and PC with Xbox Game Pass

New Spider’s Thread Game Mode

In addition to the main game, the Spider’s Thread game mode tasks players to navigate a 30-stage gauntlet selected from over 120 hand-crafted levels with one simple goal: get to the end. As players clear challenges and complete stages, they will unlock more skills and earn in-game currency to spend on upgrades.  

Explore New Areas and Uncover More Story

The Spider’s Thread update adds new locations to visit in the ghost-riddled streets of supernatural Tokyo, including the local Middle School area. These new locations come with new missions for players to take on and uncover more mysteries. The main game’s story will also feature extended cutscenes, granting players a deeper look into the plot as they play through Akito & KK’s adventure to stop the menacing Hannya from destroying Tokyo.

Face New Enemies with New Skills

Dangerous new Visitors arrive to Tokyo in the Spider’s Thread update, like the invisible Silent Gaze or elusive Retribution. To defeat these new enemies, Akito will receive new skills including, Charge Rush and devastating Counter Attack.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s free Spider’s Thread update will be available April 12 for all Ghostwire: Tokyo players. Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC and arrives on Xbox Series X|S and PC with Xbox Game Pass April 12. Learn more at the official Ghostwire: Tokyo website.

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  1. Nice!

    Finally gonna see for myself if it’s a good game or not. There were plenty of different reactions on it, I remember that.

  2. Sounds like it will leave a better impression for Xbox fans since the update is coming along with the full game.

  3. Can’t wait to play this one!

    2023 = Year of Tango! let’s go! :partying_face:

  4. Oh wait, I thought it was this month. Totally forgot we’re still in March. Definitely expected it this month, ah well.

  5. More like Xbox players will actually play the game, PS players didn’t give a fuck about it.

    2023 = GOAT year for Xbox confirmed once more! :philwins:

  6. I’ve been looking forward to playing this game, seems like a flawed title but with enough interedging/unique aspects to be worth playing for some. Glad it’s coming with a pretty major update as well.

  7. I bought it for the PS5 when it came out and never played it. #PileOfShame

  8. It was 70 dollars. I know we like to bitch about sony but the actual ps5 gamers are being shafted here. No way should this game have been 70 dollars.

  9. The announcement trailer on the Xbox channel but it’s PC footage, bummer.

    I’m really curious about the raytracing in this game, the footage I saw when it was released last year looked really good with the reflections in the water puddles and everything. Time to see some raytracing goodness on my XSX.

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