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Xbox Games Marketing VP says they have a lot planned to show for 2023 and “you will not have to wait too long for what’s next for us”

Xbox was almost completely absent from The Game Awards Thursday night outside of a few Xbox Game Pass trailers. This left fans a bit confused to say the least as Xbox has repeatedly held a large presence at the show over the last few years. In 2019, they revealed the Xbox Series X and Hellblade II. In 2021, they unveiled Gameplay for Hellblade II and arguably stole the show with one of the nights most impressive looking games.

Many came into the show expecting something as 2023 has the potential to be packed as games like Starfield, Redfall, Forza Motorsport and more are scheduled to release. In response to Microsoft’s absence at The Game Awards, VP of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg said the following on Twitter, “We have a lot planned to show and share about an incredibly exciting year ahead for 2023. Appreciate folks are eager to learn and see more. Timing is always key, but don’t worry you will not have to wait too long for what’s next from us.”

What this exactly means is anyone’s guess. It is clear Xbox has a lot planned for 2023 and will need to show more gameplay and share release dates for many games. There is hope that Xbox may be having a dedicated show early in the year to finally break the cycle of only having them during the Summer. What exactly is planned though? We will have to wait and see, but as Greenberg says in his tweet, we will not have to be waiting much longer to find out.

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