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Sea of Thieves Season 7 is setting sail August 4th with the addition of captaincy and much more

Are you ready to be a captain? You should be, as Season 7 of Sea of Thieves is releasing this week. In this season players will – finally – be able to be a captain of their own ship. And being a captain doesn’t just cost you gold, it also brings some benefits. Today Rare revealed a new trailer which explains everything about Season 7.

From August 4th you’ll be able to:

  • Purchase a ship
  • Name it as you desire (with some obvious restrictions)
  • Decorate it
  • Save it between sessions (including the markings of a battle-torn ship
  • Restore the ship to a pristine state
  • Fill your ship with cannonballs, food and planks in exchange of gold

Besides this, there’s a new way to progress within a game. It’s called milestones. It’s a permanent record of everything you’ve done in the game. It’s like the Xbox Achievement system, but with in-game rewards.

During a session your voyages and activities will be recorded in a captain’s logbook. Which is nice to have, especially for other players as they’ll be able to sell it to the Reaper’s Bones for gold and reputation.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 is starting August 4th and is a free addition to all Sea of Thieves players on Xbox, Windows, Steam and Game Pass.

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