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Playground Games Creative Director discusses how Game Pass was considered when creating Forza Horizon 5

Game Pass is no doubt a huge part of the Xbox strategy, and their internal studios are likely to think about how the subscription service would impact the way fans interact with their games.

In an interview with Press Start, Forza Horizon’s Creative Director Mike Brown explains that Game Pass allows games to always be there. Brown expounds saying “No one ever trades you in and they might not install it, but they always own it. You’re always gonna be a little thumbnail on the dash and that means the friction to get you back in the game is very low.”

Brown goes on to say that “When someone in your friendship group plays the title, then all of your friends that are on Game Pass have that title. If you can have social features or features that encourage you to say: “Hey, can we do this thing in co-op?” then your game is going to do better on Game Pass.”

While not every game that goes into the service will fit the natural strengths of the service to a tee, Playground Games have clearly thought about how Game Pass connects gamers and allows everyone within the service access to the games. Game Pass games are always there, even if you haven’t thought about them in a while, they’re just one click away from being yours to enjoy.

Austin "Proven" Nelson

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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