343 Industries teases a ‘new place and way to play’ for Halo: MCC

In this weeks development update, 343 advised its players that flighting may begin again very soon, alongside teasing that fans should expect ‘maybe a new place and way to play’.

Naturally, this has made the news rounds today, with many publications under the impression the game may be coming to the Epic Game Store at some point in the near future.

However, we believe something else is afoot – although none of this has been confirmed, and is merely conjecture at this point.

Remember Halo Online, the now defunct Halo Multiplayer shooter developed in partnership with Sabre Interactive that had a few trial runs before being shut down?

Well it had quite a few original maps in that initial release, and was based on a heavily modified Halo 3 engine. Is it possible these may be making their way to Halo MCC?

The new way to play, of course, likely refers to the long desired custom game browser, allowing players to host their own custom game servers, allowing for even more online shenanigans.

Evidence of this may have already been found online, as seen below.

Who’d have thought, that all these years later, that the Mythic Map Pack Disc may not have been ‘the end’ after all?

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