Multiple outlets confirm that Lockhart is currently planned to be unveiled in August

Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a cheaper, less powerful device to launch alongside the Xbox Series X later this year. The Series X was unveiled last December and since that point, the clock has been ticking on the unveil of Lockhart. With only a few months to go until the launch range of these consoles, time is running out. Earlier today, multiple outlets seemed to confirm that Microsoft is finally ready to unveil Lockhart, but we will have to wait until August.

Due to Covid-19, the next-gen rollout for Xbox has been significantly impacted. While August seems incredibly late to unveil a brand new console set to launch a few months later, this is likely the best Xbox can do. They are still playing chicken with Sony for price, and Lockhart is a play at a low cost entry point for next-gen. Without a low price, Lockhart might as well not exist.

As we leave June behind, the next 2 months for Xbox should be promising. The July event, where we will finally see Halo Infinite and other Xbox first party games, is without a date, but many rumors indicate that later in July will be when the show happens. And then in August, we should, hopefully, see Lockhart. It is still an exciting time to be an Xbox fan, and we cannot wait to see what the team at Xbox has been working on.

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