Obsidian is looking to change the narrative that they release buggy games.

Obsidian, creators of some of the best RPGs ever made, including my personal favorite Fallout: New Vegas, seem to be aware that they have a reputation for making buggy games.

Josh Sawyer, design director at Obsidian, said on his tumblr account, noted by VGC, that “We’re not total idiots. We know that we have a reputation for buggy games. And while some of that is endemic to making big, complicated RPGs with thousands of different ways through them, it’s still within our power to reduce bugs on our end with more time. ”

In a response to the comments made by Sawyer, Obsidian Narrative Designer Megan Starks told VGC that [for The Outer Worlds] “We’re currently playtesting, polishing and catching all of those edge cases and smoothing them out. That’s been our focus for the last few months.”

The Outer Worlds, which releases October 25th for Xbox, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch at a later date, has real potential to be special. It will be the first game Obsidian has released since being acquired by Microsoft, and could be the last game they release on non Xbox and PC platforms.

Remember, the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass. If you want to get lost in a world made by some of the best RPG developers in the world, definitely make sure to check it out when it launches.

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  1. Haha I got the obsidian game pillars of eternity 2 in 2020 and within the first 4 days all my saved data got corrupted and I was forced to restart and this is still a common occurrence for this game. So yeah I’m aware that bugs come with the territory on ambitious rpgs but when a number of people cant even play the game. I think the reputation is very well deserved

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