During todays developer update executive producer Joe Neate talks more about the upcoming update ‘Smuggler’s Fortune’ and TwitchCon. And he teases a neat addition to the game. It’s a short but meaningful developer update. On the 11th of September the new monthly update for Microsoft’s pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves is releasing. The update includes the pirate emporium, the in-game store, new emotes and ship cosmetics. We’ll probably hear more about the content in this update.


Rare is coming to TwitchCon San Diego. They’ll probably have a small booth with Arena playable. Chances are they are also doing a panel.


Rare is known for its dogs. They’ve even made a calendar about all the dogs owned by Rare employees for charity Special Effect. So, Rare loves dogs. And they are putting pets in their game.

One plus one is two, right?

We thought so. And with a dog walking into the recording booth at Rare while executive producer Joe Neate is recording a developer update it isn’t that big of a secret anymore.

Dogs are coming to Sea of Thieves.

Dogs of Rare Special Effect charity calendar – Specialeffect.org.uk

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