Studio MDHR releases sheet music for the jazzy tunes of Cuphead

Studio MDHR has released sheet music for a lot of the OST songs. They are available in different formats. Check it out!

One of 2017’s best games was made by Studio MDHR. It was renowned for its 30’s visuals and really difficult levels. But that wasn’t the only thing the game got praise for. The soundtrack, made by Kristofer Maddigan, is famous for its catchy jazz songs and how well it fits with the aesthetics of the game. And for people into jazz music, Studio MDHR has a treat just for you.

Carnival Kerfuffle – from the Cuphead OST

Today, Studio MDHR has released the sheet music for popular Cuphead songs ”Inkewell Isle I” and ”Die House” for high school concert band, ”Carnival Kerfuffle” and ”Closing Credits” for high school jazz band.

But, there is more. Studio MDHR has also added sheet music for a bunch of other songs. Check it out here. This includes sheet music for songs like ”Clip Joint Calamity,” ”Sugarland Shimmy” and ”Threatenin’ Zeppelin.”

Oh and if you’re into jazz music. Check out the soundtrack for sure. Here’s a playlist of all the songs.

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