Mixer has added a review system for new streamers and more options for chat moderation

A couple of weeks ago the streaming service from Mixer announced new features coming to the platform. Today they’ve revealed the first set of improvements on moderation and safety on the platform. The streaming service owned by Microsoft has added new systems that monitor and validate new streamers on the platform and has improved the way chat moderation works.

With the new Streamer Review system, every streamer that wants to stream from PC or mobile, or streams with a webcam on Xbox will need to validate their stream. The process looks like this:

Starting on September 4th at 10 AM PDT, if you stream to Mixer from PC or mobile, or if you use a camera while streaming on Xbox through native broadcasting, you will be prompted to renew your stream key on Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On your browser, sign into Mixer with your linked Microsoft Account (MSA).
  2. Navigate to your “Broadcast Dashboard” page, and click on the “Broadcast” tab.
  3. Select “Get Started” inside the “Broadcast” tab.
  4. Watch the required Mixer Safety Video.
  5. Once video is complete, your account will enter a 24-hour review period.
  6. Once the 24-hour countdown is complete, return to your “Broadcast” tab to read and sign the Streamer Pledge.
  7. Congratulations, you have received your new stream key! You can now leverage your stream key to continue streaming on Mixer.

Microsoft has also added an opt-in period before September 4th. This way you can validate your stream without the required 24-hour review period.

Mixer’s new Streamer Review system

Chat moderation options

In addition to Mixer’s new policy regarding new streamers, Microsoft has also updated the chat moderation options.

With chat restrictions, streamers can restrict chat access to certain users. If you only want your biggest fans to partake in your chatroom, you can increase the required level for chatting. This can be adjusted to whichever level from 1 to 100.

Every streaming platform has their automatic chat moderation bots. On Mixer this is CatBot and it removes content from stream chats before anyone has seen the typed message. Now Mixer streamers will have more flexibility in what they want to allow in their chatrooms. Users will even be allowed to moderate new users more heavily than regular viewers.

New CatBot chat moderation options

With Mixer getting new exposure, with Ninja joining the platform, Microsoft is set on making Mixer a different platform than the existing platforms.

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