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New footage of Blair Witch shows off gameplay mechanics

Game Informer recently uploaded an 11 minute gameplay video to their YouTube channel with new gameplay and details on the Blair Witch game by Bloober team.

You play as Ellis and you are in the Black Hills forest, just like the film. You join a search party looking for a missing boy.

A few mechanics are shown off in the footage, including the ability to pet your dog, Bullet. Every good game has the ability to pet a dog so it’s no surprise this game includes it. You can also increase your bond with Bullet which leads to Bullet being able to do more in the game.

There is also a flashlight, and in Alan Wake fashion, the flashlight fends off the Blair Witch’s minions. There’s no word on if you see the Witch in the game, but if it’s anything like the film, you might never get a glimpse.

Ellis makes use of a camcorder which can help you solve puzzles by looking through the lense. You also find tapes throughout the forest which you can watch and will clue you in on what’s happening.

Ellis is also equipped with a walkie talkie, which is used to communicate with people outside the forest.

Blair Witch, coming to Xbox One and PC, is looking very promising and most importantly frightening. The game launches August 30th, a little over a month away.

If you aren’t sure if you’re brave enough to enter the Black Hills Forest, you can always give it a go when it launches day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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