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Game Pass Spotlight: Shenmue I & II HD Collection

First launching nearly 20 years ago, the Shenmue series has garnered a cult following throughout the years. Yu Suzuki’s magnum opus has paved the way for the open world games we enjoy today and, luckily for you, the Shenmue I & II HD ... [Read More]
October 29, 2019

Shpeshal Ed’s Top 5 – Week 4

This week I have chosen a special Top 5 to go with our special podcast guest because this is not only an often controversial topic, but one I'd personally love to hear the thoughts from our guest on. I've decided I'm going with my Top 5 favourite ... [Read More]
September 5, 2019

Sea of Thieves Arena needs to embrace Battle Royale

After a rocky start, and a period of rough seas, Sea of Thieves found it's sea legs and it's voyage from go live to now has been a bountiful one. It's no secret that I've adored my time on deck with Sea of Thieves, and in spite of all of it's ... [Read More]
July 25, 2019

Microsoft reveal new streamlined Dashboard UI for Xbox Insiders

Microsoft today announced a new "Home Experiment" for the Xbox One Family of devices. Gone are the "twists" usually found spread across the top of the pages - instead the dashboard is much simpler, with buttons acting as quick shortcuts to ... [Read More]
July 24, 2019