Killer Instinct (2013) is getting a Series X|S and Balance Update Patch “this fall”


To everyone’s shock at the fighting tournament EVO, Killer Instinct (2013) is getting an optimization patch for Series X|S alongside a balance update “this fall”. James Goddard showed up with the new role of “Head of Killer Instinct” to deliver the news. Iron Galaxy is returning after five years away from the franchise to handle the “Year 10 update”. More was hinted at, but not announced for the game as well moving forward.

Roughly 9 hours in to the above link you can find the announcement when it aired live at the Evo Tournament.

Jesse 'Doncabesa' Norris

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  1. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    Once again, Xbox stealing the thunder of a Sony Show (Evo)…

  2. Avatar for Sydle Sydle says:

    I am shocked MS is revisiting a game that last had an update 5 years ago. LFG!

    I used to love watching Keits walk through his updates. Definitely tuning in if he does those walk throughs again.

    I hope this means there is potential for a sequel made by IG.

  3. I have to imagine this is a hint of a new game. It would be crazy if it is not and so I’ll say a new game is coming.

  4. It’s going to be weird if a new game is NOT coming after this… :sweat_smile:

  5. Not into fighting games anymore but Microsoft getting Iron Galaxy to work on a current generation upgrade for Killer Instinct is great news. Once the ABK deal is finalized, Microsoft should really try to acquire Iron Galaxy so they can have their fighting game studio. Hoping that with or without acquiring Iron Galaxy, this announcement leads into Killer Instinct 2 before the generation ends.

    On a side note - acquiring ABK is going to really light a fire under Microsoft in regards to looking at past franchises and IP’s. They turn the servers back on for the Xbox 360 COD games, then Gears of War, then that Shadowrun Xbox 360 game and now make a deal with Iron Galaxy for a current generation upgrade for Killer Instinct. Add in the possibility of a new future Spyro, Crash, etc. and perhaps other IP’s like Banjo/Conker, etc. and damn, they’ll be hitting on all cylinders.

  6. I saw the announcement live and I have to say I am quite happy as this means I’ll definitely be getting back into it in some manner and it’ll look glorious! Kinda wish Ken Lobb would have been there as well as he was also a instrumental part of the game in my opinion.

  7. Avatar for nrXic nrXic says:

    I just watched it and Goddard ended with, “You guys made this happen. This is why we did it and this is why we’re doing a balance update and a major, major upgrade to all Playfab services so your matchmaking is a lot smoother, tournaments are easier, and more KI for the next 10 years.”

    I think you could interpret it in two ways: one being that the support will ensure that the game will be updated so that it can be played throughout this next generation. The other being that this fan support means more life for the series in general.

  8. I could have sworn its been 4K/60 since Xbox One X.

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