Fairy Tale Racing-strategy ‘Running Fable’ Comes to Xbox Consoles August 9, Full Crossplay Support

No one said the Hare couldn't trap the Toirtoise.

UPDATE: Developer Seashell Studio has announced that ‘Running Fable’ will launch on Xbox consoles on the 9th of August.

ORIGINAL: Developer Seashell Studio has announced that their racing slash strategy game ‘Running Fable’ will be coming to Xbox consoles soon. Previously a PC-only game, Running Fable is all about taking beloved fairy tale characters to the track, with up to 10-players or bots in each match. Players will have to strategically place traps for their opponents, shaping the track and ultimately earning their win. Players have plenty of ways to customise their characters for the ultimate griddy at the podium. Full crossplay support between PC and Nintendo Switch will also be present at launch.

Have a gander at the trailer, screenshots, and press release below. Running Fable is slated for Xbox consoles, but no release date has been announced at this time.

Challenge your friends and family by placing traps on the racetrack and battle against each other on vibrant levels!

28 June 2023, Querétaro City, Mexico – Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled racing experience like no other. A fresh item placement mechanic in Running Fable enables the players to take the racing experience to new levels, as you can drastically change the racetrack by strategically placing obstacles and traps for your opponents. The game developers from Mexico, Seashell Studio, will soon release their thrilling online/offline multiplayer racing game for cross-platform gameplay.

Running Fable is a family friendly, party game for up to 10 players. Play online against other players, create a private room, or fill the empty spaces with bots  – the more, the merrier. Running Fable was released on Steam on the 4th of November 2022. Now Seashell Studio will soon launch it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One which will enable cross-platform play and enhance competition and multiplayer experience even further.

“We are delighted to announce that Running Fable has emerged from the children’s fable to become multiplayer that will soon go beyond the online experience by making it cross-platform” – comments Rodrigo Cuadriello from Seashell Studio. “We hope you’ve warmed up because only the fiercest runners will make it to the finish line!”

Running Fable Press Release

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