Xbox Live Gold 6 Month Cards Appears at Retailers for $60 US ERP (rumour)

Earlier today we found a few posts from different sources showing a physical retail card that grants 6 months of Xbox Live Gold for $60. the first post comes to us from reddit user JeffVapos and the second from an imgur user davidgamban007101. This would be a 50% increase on the current price of $40 US for 6 months of GOLD and would certainly flag an increase to the 1-month and 3-month cards as well.

This is a departure from the norm of $60 US for 12 months of Live Gold which has been established for years. In fact, you can still buy Gold at that price through online retailers such as Amazon. We can speculate that maybe this is because of service increased cost or a change to the service, including base level GamePass and combining the price for instance.

Microsoft and Xbox have not released a comment as of yet and until they confirm or deny these reports we must maintain that they are only rumour and speculation but if and when they do we will update this story so make sure to check back with or follow the discussions in our forum.

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