Bethesda founder comments on Microsoft’s acquisition of company, saying “What Microsoft Owns, Sony Cannot Get”

The ramifications of the Microsoft acquisition of Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda, for 7.5 Billion Dollars is still reverberating throughout the industry. We still do not know the full picture of what this means for Xbox or Bethesda, but we do know that Xbox will soon have ownership of all the incredible IP under the Bethesda umbrella.

Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver, who left the company more than a decade ago and is therefore able to speak freely on the deal, made some interesting comments to Weaver was asked various questions in the article relating to the Xbox-Bethesda merger and made some incredibly telling comments about what this meant for the company he founded.

The most interesting comment he made was in a question asking about the software arms race of purchasing studios and overall consolidation in the industry. Weaver had this to say, “I do not think it is any accident that this announcement occurred so close to Sony’s PS5 announcement. There are only a limited number of proven creators of AAA. What Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get”.

This is him essentially saying that Microsoft purchased Bethesda to bolster their own first party lineup and weaken what Sony is able to do. He also seemed to believe it was strategic timing to announce the deal a mere few days after the PS5 pre order and price announcement.

Weaver also compared the acquisition of Bethesda to Bungie in the early days of Xbox, saying “The acquisition of Bungie acted as an important trigger for the success of the early Xbox. Depending upon how soon Bethesda can prime the Microsoft pipeline, I suspect Microsoft is looking at their playbook and looking to repeat one of its “best moves.” If the strategy works, it will be a brilliant counter-move against Sony.”

The thoughts provided by Chris Weaver were incredibly insightful and fascinating. Make sure to check out the entire interview for all the insight he provided, and stay tuned to XboxEra for more on the Bethesda deal as more is released.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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  1. Imagine all the Bethesda titles for ps just being retrieved by a squad in Microsoft jumpers. Taking the game away from your hands while you sit there considering whether to buy it or not and then break it ok n front of your face. Lol

      1. Literally everyone they have acquired speaks highly of their relationship. How ignorant can you be.

      2. So true I’ve been a Sony PS user for years plus Microsoft is crap the graghics suck the console sucks any old Xbox console they screw with to make others waist money on another piece of techno crap plus Sony has better hardware and they kept ps3 servers running unlike Microsoft

      3. This used to be the case, but now Microsoft is actually amazing. They’ve singlehandedly killed the console war by refusing to play and instead just giving the players what they want. They’ve taken studios like Obsidian and InExile and have acquired them, but allowed them to remain mostly autonomous. As a result, their games have been pretty fucking great. Not to mention MS’s focus on PC games as well, dropping console exclusivity almost entirely.

        They’re back, essentially. The old Microsoft. The good Microsoft.

      4. Bethesda isn’t even a good development company? Skyrim was and is still buggy as shit. Fallout 3 and 4, buggy as shit. Fallout 76, not only buggy as shit, but has the SAME BUGS as previous fallout games! Bethesda tried selling you a $100 subscription service to a still unfinished, buggy pike of crap, and shockingly, the subscription was buggy, didn’t work, and in some cases, wouldn’t even let you buy the damn thing. Bethesda tried making you pay for mods TWICE, had a hand in botching the nuka cola issue, and that terrible jacket that looked like a tarp. There was also that horrendously monitized elder scrolls trash on mobile that no one wanted. Yeah, let’s pretend that NOW they’re gonna suck, when outside of pure nostalgia because skyrim, they were ALWAYS complete shit. But they know that, which is why they re release fucking skyrim every time they make an oopsie to keep the die hard from holding them to any kind of standards. Hopefully now that Microsoft owns them, they’ll be smart and force bethesda to actually FIX AND FINISH their shitty games before releasing them.

      5. Well you do have a point, as a Gamer I’m not really sure how how to take this acquisition. I absolutely love Bethesda’s work. Now I’m Definitely NOT a “Fanboy” of either console as I will have both console’s as I have had since Microsoft entered into the “Console” market.
        But I see unfortunately that Now moving forward that there will be exclusivity toward Xbox. I understand Microsoft’s vision but this is going to put a Wedge in the Gaming world for PLAYERS…. which unfortunately I see will actually most likely affect the acquisition in the Long run negatively. Just see this as a Huge mistake damaging Bethesda in the future “Sales” future sequels, new ip etc….
        Thinking this actually will “Backfire” in the Long run for Microsoft, just my opinion…

      6. Bethesda still has the same employies. Just funded by xbox now. If anything its an upgrade.

      7. All the BS and lies coming out of PS owners mouth…….lol. When people try so hard to say Microsoft is crap, bethesda is crap is 100 percent jealousy coming out of PS owners mouths. I can see PS owners at home acting like lil boys……..waaaa no fair!!! Hmmmm do I sense fear as well with jealousy about the Xbox one day making PS owners jump ship over to that green money maker???

      8. Ya that is lie, Microsoft is a corporation Giant its hard to keep up with them. Smaller companies get absorbed in and bought out everyone is a winner.

      9. This hurts for me honestly because all I wanted was the “StoryTellers Power Armor” Mod, hoping Sony would allow soon but that might not happen now cause Microsoft-Ass. 4years since it’s been out.

      10. Sony is shit give it 5 or 10 year and PlayStation will be no more Microsoft will own them. And everything about the PlayStation is shit the layout of the home page the online is shit the only good thing that it has is the game exclusives.

      11. Just like every PS fanboy… “Waaa, I’m gonna spout nonsense because they have something I don’t”

        Just like when you kiddies cried and cried because Xbox has achievements and you wanted them.

        Sony had anime games and Bandai hack and slash crap that every game is the same. Have fun playing all your exclusives that are actually all just the same game reskined.

      12. Bethesda was already running itself into the ground…here’s to the next elder scrolls game actually running on a new engine!

      13. Microsoft has done well with just about everything besides Rare. Bethesda was already bad, microsoft can only go up from here.

      14. Anyone who acts as if Microsoft has ever done anything positive for the gaming is a gigantic fucking idiot. Yeah. If you think the games that have been released by them through the companies they’ve bought out over the years are good then you have absolutely no comprehension ability. Or just really enjoy mediocrity. 😉

    1. This could be a good thing for everyone. I have owned both a couple versions of both the Xbox and Playstation and currently prefer the PS4. I have a love hate relationship with Bethesda. I am definitely a Fallout fan but Fallout 76 was and is still the definition software development mismanagement. Yes developers created the bugs but only a failure in leadership would have created the environment that allowed it to continue. If Microsoft can fix Fallout and rekindle my love of the brand great and a little competition between the major console makers will force all parties to up their game. Hopefully that will translate into better quality and content for all of us.

    2. I am a pc gamer and LET ME mention to these shitbox fanboys . MICROSOFT IS A SHIT COMPANY!!!!!. their shitboxes are filled with 15 yr old hardware and triple copies of windows10 malware . BETHESDA HAS NOT MADE A GOOD GAME IN 20+ YEARS. skyrim has been sold 14 times in different places under different versions .
      Microsoft has but 1 mission to 100% control gaming on every level forcing everyone at some point even PC to pay them for the right to rent their shit games. The gaming industry right now is not about making good games but hand holding you idiots into submission by slowly removing any control you have over time.
      you need to wake up all you little baby fussing “SNOWFLAKES” are being manipulated to no end.

      This is a perfect fit in reality a shit company buying another shit company where do all the turds end up in a toilet together .
      I am also not saying sony is perfect by any means , they are there the same as microsoft to make money from idiots willing to pay them money to connect to the internet they already have . you already pay for the net why should either of these two dumbass companies be allowed to make you pay for playing with your friends online.

      If the masses of shitboxers and gaystation players came together and refused to go a long with this BS it be dropped in no time and you would have your power back .


  2. MS is on record sayings they don’t have plans to make any of the existing Bethesda titles exclusives. However, they didn’t say anything about future games. It will be interesting to see how much of the “play anywhere” initiative they stick to. They are humble now only because they’ve lost market share.

    1. Play anywhere refers to the Xbox console, PC, and android. You’re pretty much with at least one of these at any given time.

    2. Yes future games will be exclusive. Existing ones no. Like if they decide to do a new ESO, that would be XB only, along with PC of course.. I play Bethesda games on PC for mods.. If I played console. I would go XB for mods.. Sony is kinda retarded with the mods

      1. Microsoft purchased Mojang in November of 2014, since then Minecraft is still manufactured and sold for all major platforms. Since then Minecraft Dungeons was developed and released in May of 2020 for all major platforms. My theory is that Microsoft just wants to strengthen Gamepass and sell monthly subscriptions and make money on the backend of every copy sold on all platforms. Now just comment on a few of Microsofts current exclusives, Gears 4 and 5 were disappointing and Halo Guardians was a disaster and the official unveil of Halo Infinite was so underwhelming they had to delay it til next year. They have a lot to prove this generation.

  3. If Microsoft’s track record is an indicator of the future we’re witnessing the coming end of Bathesda. Nobody runs franchises into the ground with as much bravado as Microsoft.

    1. Keeping up with the double standard, huh? Did we forget about how many companies Sony shut down over the past 20 years? Compare that to Microsoft. Yea, that’s what I thought. Hypocrite.

      1. I think PC’s the way to go I’m tired of dealing with these dumbass consoles got to upgrade every 5 years PCS always ahead of the game they’ve been next gen for the last 10 years

    2. Yea I don’t think you have a clue what your talking about phil spencer technically hasn’t ran anything “into the ground” he’s done nothing but great for the Xbox division thus far. But I’m guessing your just mad about the acquisition in the first place let’s all be clear here of Sony had the deep pockets microsoft has they’d buy up everything and lie through their teeth about there plans with it. Sony has resorted to deception this generation on many levels but sure worry about Microsoft.

  4. Honestly, not that insightful. This has been discussed everywhere with the absence of this interview. It’s what everyone has suspected, despite there being some evidence of the contrary from Todd Howard (Bethesda Game Studios executive producer) and mixed messages from Phil Spencer (head of Xbox). I won’t speak for the interview in it’s entirety, but this segment is just kind of a “well… duh” moment. Weaver has been away from Bethesda for a decade and it seems like he’s out of his element, chasing interviews for clout in light of the recent acquisition.

  5. Such sensationalism. Literally means nothing in the long run. All those IPs have gone stagnant for the most part and the atrocity that was FO and porting skyrim to every thing with a screen has already put me off bethesda.

  6. It was bought at 7.5 billion because Bethesda was able to sell to all consoles if Microsoft keep it for just Xbox or pc they will never get the money back

    1. no hay to recovetr 7500M with sales, specially when PS5 be a límited part of this sales-that is the intention of MS-. Microsoft wants to sell suscriptions, if they don’t care sales un their own platform, imagine sales on others

    1. Very true. Bethesda has been going downhill fast. ESO and 76 are perfect examples. Seems more logical for MS to have it. Sony will continue its lead over MS either way.

      1. You do realise that Microsoft bought Zenimax, not just Bethesda. That covers, Doom, Prey, The Evil Within, TES games, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Rage, Dishonored, Starfield… The list goes on. Any future game that would have been developed under Zenimax would now be done by Microsoft. Which means any one of those games can now be Xbox/PC exclusive. If Sony doesn’t want to play nice or agree to Microsoft’s terms they just won’t get those games. Simple as that.

  7. I am a fallout four nerd it would break my heart if the series ended. I got it for my 18th birthday and fell in love with it

  8. “Redeem Bethesda…” Er, you never heard of Doom? Elder Scrolls? Fallout? If some of these franchises going forward will now be xBox exclusives it will get them significant console market share. If I was PS, I would be well pissed off right now!

    1. I’m not gonna lie I feel like Microsoft made a dumb decision I’m a PS4 player and you can say that I’m just a hater but I don’t really care about the brand of the Console I just like seeing which ones better, ok… but Microsoft spent $7.5 billion on a company and you might be saying “oh well it’s fine because those games are awesome” let’s be honest the new generations of those games aren’t coming out any soon probably in a year or two… and they’re going to have to develop those games and that’s probably a lot of money they have to spend…idk about this one chief.

      1. Hope Microsoft is ready for a class action lawsuit if PS user lose their Fallout 76 on PS. I dont care how rich their lawyers are, they are in for some hell. I promise.

      2. Ms is 1.5 trillion dollar company. They have 137 billion after this in just spending money. Sony is a 80.8 billion dollar company, with less than 35 billion in spending money. Yup MS is hurting for money.

    2. Can’t keep living in the past. Bethesda is in need of redemption. Those titles were great but they have been deteriorating in recent years.

  9. I think if Microsoft are going to be kind, they will release the games Fallout X and Elders rolls X cross platform? Up to them though!

  10. me it looks like a cash infusion into 2 games that I would buy an xbox for, fallout and skyrim elder scrolls. These games will come out with more regularity. Thanks Microsoft for being there for me.👨‍🦳

  11. LOL@GOING PC. You’re upset about having to update your console every 7-8 (definitely not 5, ever) years? Well, you’ll have to update your graphics card every 1-2 years for possibly twice the cost of a new console in my experience. On top of that, you need to fiddle with everything constantly to get things to run properly, IF it’s even possible to do so, but you won’t really know until you spend 6 hours trying to figure out what’s going wrong since it won’t be for a reason that everyone’s dealing with because no one’s components match up. Have fun with that.

    1. @Apple Jackson I am pc gamer currently using a gtx 1070 with a 4790k ive had forever. The 1070 runs 1440p 100-130 fps in most things on high to ultra settings. The 1070 is 2 generations old. And console tends to run on about medium settings so no buddy we dont “have” to upgrade very often. Also the 1070 was not more expensive than a console really. My games are cheaper. I get better graphics and fps. Complete backwards compatibility. Mods. It is very rare i have to mess with anything to get a game to work aside from clicking install and play. Sounds to me like you dont have much experience with pc gaming.

      1. He clearly has never owned a gaming PC. I’m running a GTX 970. A 970! And I’ve just recently started to notice it’s having a little bit of difficulty keeping up. Other than that, you’re exactly right. Click and play and leave the consoles in the dust.

  12. I like that MS are really seeming to blur the lines between PC and console going forward. For example why pay again for what you already paid for pop that game in and enjoy some possible enhancements. Not oh hey we made a ultimate/definitive edition upgrade for the next gen that’s possibly the same price for no real reason but give us more money. I can find a ps emulator pop my ps1 disc into my pc and play the game, but I can’t put the same disc in a ps4/5 and it work?

    I’m rambling. Have a good day folks 😊

  13. Fallout 4 was their highest selling game. After a full week of sales, 60 percent of the sales were on PS4. The rest split between XBOX and PC. I don’t think they can afford to not release their big open world games on Playstation.

    1. No it will just make more people buy the Xbox series x/s for those exclusive means more sales for there console.

    2. @tomt I would like to see your sources. 6.7 million units sold on steam. Skyrim sold 23 million total between 2011 and 2014. Bethesda said fallout sold better than skyrim when looking at spans of time. Its been 4 years since release. Giving benefit of the doubt to fallouts sales ill say they sold 40 million units (likely being generous) so xbone only sold 9 million units in this scenario? I smell bs. And those “12 million units sold day one” articles are refering to shipping to retailers not sales. Most fallout 4 day one sales were digital. All major retailers near me had stock of fallout 4 for over a week after launch too… 12 million in a single day wpuld be selling half of skyrims lifetime sales in a single day yet it took bethesda a while before saying it outsold skyrim in equal spans of time…

  14. Sony is a large tech firm and got better exclusives, buying a single company isnt gonna make you better, try making and putting out games that make people wanna buy an xbox

  15. This means nothing to me I don’t play many bethesda games in general. I was more scared for wb games getting acquired. Bethesda suits xbox gamers more anyways.

  16. Reading the majority of these comments gave me cancer, how unintelligent the gaming community has come and how blatantly obviously it is to see who the PS dick riders are and the people who don’t know how to make a cheap pc rig that’ll last a handful of years on medium/high settings.

  17. Salty PlayStation gamers crying 🤣🤣 wan PlayStation crystal about Xbox got no games butt now Thay do you get mad it’s funny

    1. Just like xbox fans are going to cry when playstation has something they want to play but can’t again. Pathetic fanboys stuck in a loop of one upping each other like children

  18. One company microsoft will never have enough money to buy is Rockstar. If that happens Sony players will die out. Xbox always landing the cheap hits instead of just dealing with their consoles having so many issues they have to literally take out another company. This isn’t monopoly and everyones trying to play video games. Gonna be kind of hard if microsoft has no competition and they mark their consoles for thousands of dollars.

      1. Josiah please stop sucking nintendo off. Nintendo is worth a bit more than 85 billion dollars. Microsoft is worth around 13 times that so yes if microsoft wanted nintendo badly enough they could very well afford it. But nintendo is a company not just a developer or publisher. Also pc is the king of gaming. Can even play switch on it so nintendo lost its cards. (Being its exclusives)

    1. PC fanboys are always the biggest losers. All that trash talk and elitism must be trying to compensate for something..

  19. “who left the company more than a decade ago and is therefore able to speak freely on the deal”

    He’s able to speak freely about it because he doesn’t know anything about it because *he left the company a decade ago*. His thoughts carry less weight than George Lucas’ on the future of Star Wars.

  20. I like PlayStation, i like Xbox. I’d like to think that certain games will come to PlayStation still, such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout. But the newer IPs or even remastered games may end up being Microsoft exclusive. Either way, i look forward to being able to play so many titles on Xbox over the next year, for less than the price of two of the same games on PlayStation.

  21. I dont see the point in making all future game exclusive,other than money. Microsoft are more concerned about cash than people on other platforms,they could easily. Ake money out of non-exclusive Bethesda games and give a cut to Sony. Then everyone wins.

  22. Lol. $7.5 billion in the hole already and this generation’s console war has just started. Bethesda sold out cause they know they’re one more flop away from losing all credibility. Microsoft will never come close to getting their money’s worth.

  23. Just remember all PS digital purchases go to Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s push for more cross platform games. They have also stated they are letting Bethesda do them just under there canopy. I have a feeling we will be down to two major AAA producers soon. Those two being EA and Activision. They are they only two with too high of a pricetag for anyone to buy.

  24. I won’t lie. I was thinking hard about switching to PS5 because I really liked “The Last of Us 2” and I liked the idea of the triggers having varying pull resistance, but this is going to make me stay faithful if I get the chance to buy one.

  25. How has no one noticed its zenimax they bought, not Bethesda, they own 8 studios from this. At the minimum that means all their games are day 1 gamepass no additional charge and staying on the platform. It also means if they need funding or more time they can get it, this is a goddamn win for all gamers, its a shame people shill for their plastic instead of being stoked for games that wouldn’t be possible before this. Remember they got ID software, bethasda, arkane studious, tango game works, alpha dog, round house and more. Thats prey, thats doom franchise, the evil within, wolfenstine, fallout, elder scrolls, dishonored, starfield. Tons of fantastic triple A games. So let’s get our heads out of our asses and thank God there is finally someone who can stop Todd Howard from selling skyrim anymore. He finally made it big and sold skyrim for 7.5 bil he won

  26. Funny how these thing scream at each other over digital things. I wonder if they’re girlfriends are looking to play some of my 12hr sessions.

    1. There are some incoherent comments on here, I suppose most of the fan boys’ are stroking out because of another fan boys comment. I’ve had both consoles, the difference between either are small when we’re talking about what’s inside, PC gamers win in most aspects because games do look better on PC. As far as software is concerned may the best console win, crying or being enthused about a company being aquired….bah who cares, what new title is coming? Exclusivity is what matters a bit, but if the exclusive(game) is broken, exclusivity is nill. Personally I feel game studios/companys need to put out complete games that don’t need patching later on.

      Playstation is where I game, if it’s on PS it’s on XB and vice versa Cup Head is on PS this moment when it was only on XB. Enjoy your gaming experience with whom ever you want PS or XB, what things will really break down to is IP so I’ll wait in excitement for all games showcasing for the coming generation.

  27. Guys let’s be real. Ms just spent 7.5 billion dollars to accuire these IP’S. You better believe with that kind of money future titles are going to be exclusive for some time. I am sure eventually they might make there way to Sony, but it would probably be a year or more later, and thats a really big if. Just my two cents

    1. Hopefully they fail if they go exclusive. Multiplatforms should stay the way they are, regardless of sony or microsoft. Being forced to get an xbox just to play elder scrolls or fallout is going to absolutely suck.

  28. It’s a smart move, with the games they have made over the last 20 years, Microsoft’s finances can really give the brand a big boost.

  29. Some of the comments on here were quite interesting, I actually gained some information, but other replies, you guys are just retarded or being little bitches.

  30. OMG. All of these comments are completely ridiculous.

    1) Bethesda isn’t the only thing they acquired

    2) If they don’t make content multi console it will ruin the sales revenue they could possibly acquire

    3) Both companies consoles are just as buggy at release

    4) PS gets exclusives and early acces to games that MS doesn’t and vice-versa

    5) Fanboys on both sides are biased and morons

    6) People talk about MS Consoles being garbage compared to PS yet nobody brings up how many times PS Network has been hacked and had peoples credit card info taken compared to MS

    Pick your poison. I’ve owned both consoles up until PS4/Xbox One era and then went with XBox One. Why? Because I was ticked my credit card got stolen amd used twice due to PS Network security being trash, not to mention garbage customer service on the PS side back in those days.

    1. Playstation network getting hacked has nothing to do with the console itself… Also which console had a 75% fail rate at launch? Oh yeah xbox 360!

  31. I’ve come to this conclusion for the next gen of consoles: PS5 for the exclusives. PC for everything else.

    Why spend on an Xbox if I already own a capable gaming PC with room to upgrade?

  32. If the past is anything but repeatable, all you have to do is look at Rare the most amazing game developer of its time and what Microsoft didn’t do after they bought it.

  33. Sooo you ps4 people if yall hate xbox and Bethesda why are you even here reading about xbox and Bethesda I mean if I don’t like something I stay away from it..dick eaters

    1. Is final fantasy 16 ps5 exclusive currently my only reason to want a ps5 i love just about every Bethesda game fallout and elder scrolls particularly are like my favourite series i even enjoyed fallout 76

  34. They better be xbox exclusive if sony bought it there wouldn’t even be a sinhle thought about making anything multiplatform

    1. What do you mean every game on that list in the photo is on both PlayStation and Xbox. I can’t think of a single bethesda game that sony has made exclusive to PlayStation.

  35. Just remember MS is trillion dollar company, Sony is a billion dollar company. Ms has about 137 billion in spending money. That’s almost 1 and a half times more then Sony is worth. If MS wanted to hurt Sony fans they could just buy all of its publicly traded stock and own almost if not all of Sony.

  36. If Microsoft really cared at all about video games and video gamers they would’ve made good on their promises from 3-4 years ago to bring VR to the Xbox ecosystem. Their acquisition of basically the only AAA publisher that was investing some effort in porting to console VR -that means PS4, basically- many classic bestseller games and even some new entries from beloved, decades old franchises while doubling down on refusing to support VR in their own console hardware feels like an acid spit and a maniacal laugh in the face of every one of the owners of the 2 million of PSVR headsets sitting on homes, many of which would’ve gladly acquired a brand new next gen Xbox console if MS had decided to listen to and cater to the wants and needs of a not-so-small, significant user base that happens to be mostly brand-agnostic. Most PSVR regular users just happen to be humble VR enthusiast who lack the means to invest big bucks on PC hardware, so they welcomed Sony’s comparatively way cheaper, more practical solution with open arms -a solution that, I must add, has been getting better support and care from the company than MS’s half-hearted flirting with motion controls ever did.

    All I wanna say is they don’t really care about us. And I mean they all and us all.

  37. They didnt even outsell the switch lmao last game they made that was any good was skyrim 7 plus years ago Microsoft is trash

  38. “What Microsoft Owns, Sony Cannot Get”

    “The thoughts provided by Chris Weaver were incredibly insightful and fascinating.”

    What? He just said the obvious. This has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a gaming site I’ve ever seen.

  39. Regardless of what microsoft has purchased, they will continue to get spanked by Sony. Not a fan boy either. Have had both consoles and Microsoft’s hardware always fails at one point or another. Whether it’s the red ring of death, disc drive issues or whatever else. Sony is superior to microsoft.

  40. Plebs in comments crying about who’s console is better cuz they can’t afford both lmao why are any of you plebs talking shit when you’re barely able to afford entry level gaming? Need to get your grind on in life instead of trolling Xbox fans about how great your PlayStation is it’s a console just like Xbox so compared to a pc it will always be a piece of shit so just stop.

  41. Wow so many personal opinions in these comments, being peddled as facts but is nothing more than fanboys picking sides.

    Microsoft did a strategic move at a very smart time, thats all it is, and if in time this mens Bethesda games excluding ps5 then so be it, not something ps Lovers can complain about really considering naughtydog is exactly the same.

  42. Good to see some sense in the comments. Microsoft does great things for studios. What happened to Rare is pretty much the only instance of that kind of thing from Microsoft, and Rare is on its way back up now that Sea of Thieves is out of the way. Their consumer friendly moves have been wonderful for the industry, accelerating things like cross-play, decent subscription services etc. They deserve this win. And it’ll only work out well for everyone in the end.

    1. You have zero actual evidence to back up your claims there pal. Then again you’re probably one of those types that think there’s actually some valid reason for companies to charge money to unlock a basic functionality of their console. An utter rube, in other words.

  43. Ps4 sold double the units of the Xbox one. ES6 is probably one of the most anticipated games ever. They’d be idiots not to make it multi platform, just from a sales standpoint. Especially since next generation games are $70 now

  44. I personally dont like xbox. I have been on ps sense the ps one. I have played all tips of games and to one that really made me not for xbox at all was ffxi. So get this for all of you that think xbox gives you what you want. ffxi was a mmorpg that release on pc xbox and ps2. It has a monthly sub. Out of the 3 platforms xbox was the only one that also made you pay for their online service just to play. When ffxiv came out square enix would not release it to xbox due to 1 thing. They refused to let their players play that title without having the xbox live sub with it. If ms decides to make Bethesda games xbox exclusives there goes a ton of money.

  45. Guess I’m going back to the grand daddy of them all hail Nintendo, legend of zelda, Mario i can hear you calling me lol

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