Xbox will be at the Super Bowl, but why?

This is a big day for Football. The Super Bowl is today and millions of people in the USA and around the world will be tuned into watch the event. It is a pretty big deal.

It may also be a big deal for Xbox. While Microsoft will have their own Super Bowl ad, there could be something Xbox related at the event. Microsoft released this video just today.

The Video features Football players Richard Sherman, Travis Kelce and Aaron Greenberg talking about the Super Bowl, and of course gaming. Both players named games they play such as Apex and Call of Duty.

The big question is in the video though, “Why is Xbox at the Super Bowl?”. While Aaron Greenberg answered the question somewhat, we can’t help but speculate.

2020 is a big year for gaming. Just on game releases alone, it is a big year. Ori and The Will of the Whisps, The Last of Us Part 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and Halo Infinite. That is a stacked year honestly. However it will also be a huge year for Microsoft and Sony.

Next Gen systems from both are expected to release this holiday featuring an amazing set of specs, like a better CPU from AMD’s Ryzen, an SSD which will speed up load times drastically and of course more GPU power. Marketing for these machines has been in full swing, especially on the Xbox side.

Recently Microsoft used The Game Awards 2019 to announce and reveal what the new Xbox will look like and be called, The Xbox Series X. It was a smart move that generated a lot of buzz from the internet. Using a big event like The Game Awards to talk about your next gen platform was smart.

But the Super Bowl is bigger. Much, much bigger and attracts tons of casual gamers and the general american public at large. It would be a very strong move to talk about The Series X or perhaps show off a launch title such as Halo Infinite. Telling millions of viewers around the world you will have a very powerful gaming system released this holiday is a smart move and keep people thinking about Xbox throughout the year when the topic of gaming comes up.

All of the games!

Or perhaps it is not Xbox Series X related at all. Xbox Gamepass has proven to be a very successful business model, with 1st party games releasing day and date for Gamepass subscribers, and huge slew of 3rd party titles coming to the service every month. This could also generate interest among Super Bowl viewers.

Or why not both?

Regardless of why Xbox is at The Super Bowl, it will be a very exciting event. We will watch out for any Xbox news coming tonight.

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