Fallout 76 Seemingly Receives Native Current Gen Versions in Today’s Patch, Native 4k and 60FPS Support Available

That native hardware smell.

CORRECTION: Bethesda Softworks has never announced a native console version for Fallout 76. The update, however, is available for Xbox Series consoles at this time.

ORIGINAL: Today’s 21GB patch for Fallout 76 appears to now have the game running natively on Xbox Series consoles. Alongside reports from other users, our team has been able to confirm that the game no longer has compatibility settings present and instead targets a 4k image and 60 frames per second.

This comes many months after developer Bethesda Softworks said they would release a patch for the game to run natively on current generation consoles. On top of future content coming to Fallout 76, this is certainly a welcome addition.

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  1. Full credit to the team for their effort to fix this game

  2. I could notice as well when doing my dailies today. Thank god it has been done after all this time. Even PS5 users have gotten the upgrade, uncle Phil has forced Bethesda to extend their kindness to the competition lol

  3. Yep, yesterday when one of our team mentioned the update came with more than just the Seasonal content, I had to rush to check. It’s definitely not a locked 60 but it’s a tad better than the FPS Boost implementation, only now we also have all the One X enhancements back as well!

  4. Is Series S enhanced too or is it just X?

    Weird that just just dropped outta nowhere, I know they talked about enhancing the game but it sounded like it was a ways off

  5. @KakkaKarrotKake I’ll actually have an answer for you shortly. Typically, if there’s an X update, 99% of the time the S also receives it (the original Outer Worlds release being a noted exception).

    I meant to edit my earlier message to say how much credit BGS Austin and Double-Eleven deserve for shadow-dropping this upgrade out of nowhere. Xbox is quickly becoming the kings and queens of shadow-drops if this year is any indication.

  6. Cheers, appreciate it

    Might have to finally start this as I’ve wanted to for a while now

  7. Okay. The Series S is also now missing the compat options, is listed as Gen9Aware, and is definitely running at higher-than-30 FPS but not quite a consistent 60 (which FPS Boost wasn’t either). Will need more time to confirm but I’m almost positive that the texture work and lighting also received an upgrade (not One X quality-level though).

  8. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

    Have Bethesda said anything about this?

  9. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

    A friend of mine who plays the game says the framerate is worse after the update?

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