Halo Infinite “Campaign Overview” Video Premiering on YouTube October 25th, at 6am PDT 9am EDT

Seemingly out of nowhere 343/Xbox have scheduled a premiere on the Xbox YouTube channel for what is being called a “Halo Infinite – Campaign Overview”.

Nothing is known about what the video will contain but it will air at 6am pacific 9am eastern tomorrow October 25th, 2021.

We will be co-streaming it on our twitch channel at

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  1. Avatar for jem jem says:

    Repeated argument #1: This is a terrible design for a pistol:

  2. While I think it is a pretty boring design, to me it signals that the pistol won’t somehow be just as or more powerful than a giant rifle. Hopefully in multiplayer it will be a very fast shooting pistol that take 7 shots to down someone

  3. Avatar for jem jem says:

    Dimensions are all kinds of off (the handle is just way too chunky - if the Chief has normal sized hands it’s at least 6-7cm wide).

    It’s generally just a very generic looking pistol, it lacks any distinguishing characteristics or any of the features which are commonly seen in Halo pistols - for example the hand guard.

    It could easily pass as a knock off Glock:

  4. Avatar for zedox zedox says:

    So what how a pistol should act? Got it. I agree. I actually like the design.

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