X019 is days away, and here’s what we’re hoping to see!

This coming Thursday, November 14th, Xbox fans across the world will be waiting to see just what, if any, surprises that the Xbox team will have in store for X019 in London. While the team here at XboxEra would recommend tempering expectations, ... [Read More]
November 11, 2019

XboxEra Podcast – Episode 4

Join Sikamikanico, Shpeshal Ed and Kaironaut as we dive into Gamescom 2019, the acquisition of Insomniac Games by Sony, the evolution of what Xbox Live Gold means for the future and more! [Read More]
August 25, 2019

Shpeshal Ed’s Top 5 – Gamescom Edition

This week, in the midst of a hectic Gamescom, I've decided to keep with the theme. This is my Top 5 from Gamescom 2019. This is anything that's been shown or announced during this week. 5. Minecraft Ray-tracing preview Look, I'm not a big Minecr... [Read More]
August 20, 2019

Welcome to XboxEra!

Welcome to No.1 Xbox Gaming Community. It started with an idea - as I listened to podcasts by larger, well funded publications, I felt there was an opportunity to produce a podcast that had a more community ... [Read More]
July 27, 2019

XboxEra Podcast – Episode 2

"The Betrayal" Join Kaironaut, Shpeshal Ed, Funknown iXi and Sikamikanico as we discuss the feedback to the last podcast, hot-takes, games, news, the launch of and killing your E3 favourites. If ... [Read More]
July 27, 2019