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Four new characters added to Gears 5 today

As of today The Coalition has added four new characters to Gears 5. The new characters are General RAAM, Warden, DeeBee and COG Gear. With General RAAM being the most famous one who was absent in the initial line-up. General RAAM, the Warden and the DeeBee’s will be available in Arcade and have their own unique abilities and playstyles. The […]


Gears 5 is a huge success with the help of GamePass

Gears 5 is Xbox Game Studios biggest game in years, and so far it seems as though it’s a big hit. Industry analysts have particularly noted how Gamepass is contributing to the large playerbase Gears 5 seems to have. @BenjiSales noted on twitter how Gears 5 has actually surpassed FortNite on Xbox as the #1 played game. This is no […]


Gears 5 has been plagued by online issues.

Gears 5 has been plagued by online issues since it launched in “early access” for those who have the ultimate versions of the game. Everything from disconnects, long wait times in between games, issues with the Campaign, stats not tracking, and more. Connectivity issues are almost expected during the initial week of a game, but it’s still frustrating to see […]


Gears 5 Reviews are Here!

Gears 5, the highly anticipated entry in a beloved franchise, is almost here! Reviews have been pouring in ever since the embargo broke, and reviews seem very positive. The game is currently sitting at an 85 on MetaCritic and 86 on OpenCritic. Both sites are linked above, and you can click on them to check out what reviewers are saying. […]


Dave Bautista really wants to be Marcus Fenix

As The Coalition seems to be ready to talk more about the Gears of War movie, which is supposedly under production at Universal, Dave Bautista has – once again – told the whole world he’d like to be in the movie. As Marcus Fenix. Previously, Bautista told GameSpot the Gears of War movie would be his ”dream role” and that […]


Gears 5 Tech Test

Good news Gears fans – the Gears 5 Tech Test drops this weekend! The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios dropped an absolutely badass trailer to get us all excited and chainsawing each other in half like it’s 2006 all over again. This will be the big reveal of Arcade, a brand new type of versus experience for all players, with […]