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Skateboarding game Session delayed for Xbox One

Session, the skateboarding game from Creâ-ture Studios, announced at E3 2018, has been delayed for Xbox One. The game was supposed to have a game preview in October, but it seems it’s not ready for prime time yet. The game is now set to release on Xbox One consoles at the end of November or early December, according to the […]


ID@Xbox game Session is coming to Xbox Game Preview in October

Famously-not-Skate 4 skateboarding game and ID@Xbox title Session will be coming to Steam’s early access and Microsoft’s Game Preview program this year. The skateboarding game by the Canadian Creã-ture Studios is set for a release in early 2020. The game is coming to Steam’s Early Access program first. On September 17 pc players will be able to play the game […]