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Minecraft Dungeons is being made by 20 people at Mojang

The dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons is being made by a small team inside Mojang. According to executive producer David Nisshagen there are twenty people working on the game. This is all explained in a short developer diary called Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Origins. In this video a couple of the developers at Mojang talk about how Minecraft came to be. The […]


Opening cinematic of Minecraft Dungeons revealed during Minecon Live – you can sign up for the beta now!

At the Minecon live show, celebrating all things Minecraft, Mojang has revealed the opening cinematic of Minecraft:Dungeons. You can now sign up for the closed beta of the game. The website is having some trouble due to traffic tho.. Minecraft Dungeons is coming to PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4 in 2020. Last week Mojang revealed they are co-developing the […]