State of Decay 2 -The best zombie apocalypse game ever made

I grab a few supplies from the little resources we have. A few spare bullets, just enough gas to get me back home, a few bandages just in case. That’s all I’m willing to risk losing, if the worst happens. If I go down, I want my camp to have ... [Read More]
July 26, 2019

Sea of Thieves Arena needs to embrace Battle Royale

After a rocky start, and a period of rough seas, Sea of Thieves found it's sea legs and it's voyage from go live to now has been a bountiful one. It's no secret that I've adored my time on deck with Sea of Thieves, and in spite of all of it's ... [Read More]
July 25, 2019

Shpeshal Ed’s Top 5 – Week 1

This week, I look at my Top 5 Games from this generation that I loved....that everyone else hated. Games that either reviewed poorly, weren't popular with gamers, or both. 5. ZombiU This early WiiU title was one of the few third party ... [Read More]
July 21, 2019

Halo Infinite – The Great Journey to Success.

Halo is the series that started it all. It literally launched Xbox as we know it, and also was the first series that I fell in love with. Before I considered myself a gamer, I considered myself a Halo player. The series has been with me almost my ... [Read More]
July 20, 2019

Sea of Thieves – A Voyage Worth Taking

Rather than harp on about how much I think of Sea of Thieves truly is one of those games that comes along once every generation, I want to tell you the tale of a brave, tenacious crew and their quest to keep their loot. Our captain led us ... [Read More]
July 16, 2019