Modern Warfare III sets records for “highest engagement in the Modern Warfare trilogy”

Sledgehammer Games has announced today that Modern Warfare III is setting records for engagement in the new Modern Warfare trilogy. This was announced in a set of tweets highlighting a few key statistics, including players putting more hours in multiplayer when compared to Modern Warfare (2019) and Modern Warfare II.

Overall sales or revenue were not revealed, which is unusual for Activision when it comes to discussing Call of Duty. This may hint at overall sales declining from last years Call of Duty entry. Overall reviews for the game from critics are poor and reports from Bloomberg suggest the latest Call of Duty entry was once planned as DLC but was later turned into a full priced product.

While reviews from critics were poor and the development of the game seems to have been rushed, word of mouth for the games multiplayer seems positive, which may have led to the high engagement for the game overall.

Austin "Proven"

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