‘Killer Instinct’ Developer Iron Galaxy Studios to Talk About Upcoming Balance Changes During Livestream Set for November 22 @ 1PM Pacific

The 'Killer Instinct' never left.

Developer Iron Galaxy Studios has taken to Twitter to remind Killer Instinct faithfuls and fighting game fans that they will be hosting a livestream tomorrow, the 22nd of November at 1PM Pacific time, to talk about upcoming balance changes coming to ‘Killer Instinct’. Announced at EVO of this year and not too far from a QoL update, Killer Instinct is set to receive improved matchmaking, Series console optimisation, and all new balance changes that will be discussed between designers DJames Goddard, Adam Keits, and special guest Sajam.

Tune into Iron Galaxy Studios’ Twitch channel to catch the details (and potential nerfs-to-oblivion).

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