‘Ark: Survival Ascended’ Launches on Xbox Series Consoles November 21 @ 9AM Pacific Time

Ascended Action Today!

Developer Studio Wildcard have announced on Twitter just a few short hours ago that their “top to bottom remake”, ‘Ark: Survival Ascended’, will hit Xbox Series consoles on the 21st of November at 9AM Pacific Time. On game launch, servers will not go live until after a few hours to allow everyone to download the client and be prepared for dinosaur and survival action.

Survival Ascended is ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ made better. This remake brings Ark up to speed with Unreal Engine 5 technologies such as Lumen, Nanite, the engine’s ‘Chaos’ physics system, the company’s implementation of ‘fluid foliage’, and instance-based rendering making sure your framerate no longer completely dies as your base grows larger and larger. Check out the full details right over here. You can now purchase the game on the Xbox Store here for a cool $44.99 USD, which includes the Windows 10 version as well.

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