Turn Back Time in Fantasy RPG ‘Grace of Letoile’, Coming to Xbox Consoles on November 10

Automatas at the ready.

Developer MAGITEC and publisher KEMCO have announced that their upcoming fantasy role-playing game, ‘Grace of Letoile’, will be coming to Xbox consoles and Windows PC with Xbox Play Anywhere support on the 10th of November. Players will take on the role of Vedley as he makes a pact with a ‘Letoile’ to turn back time and save his parents from a tragic incident.

Harness the power of Skill Plates and Gems, combining them to unleash special skills and magic. The Field Effects add a layer of complexity to battles, offering both advantageous and disadvantageous effects, making your tactical choices crucial. The Chronos Gauge plays a central role, allowing you to perform unique skills and launch Interrupt Actions, enabling you to seize control of the battlefield. Your journey is about mastering time and power, and every decision counts. Will you rewrite the fate that awaits Vedley?

Check out the trailer and gallery below for more information about Grace of Letoile. You can grab the game on the Xbox Store by clicking over here.

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