Want to play Sea of Thieves without other players? Soon you can with Season 10

Today Rare revealed certain aspects the next season of Sea of Thieves. Season 10 will bring a meriad of new stuff to the game. Rare calls it a super season. One of the additions in this season is the ‘Safer Seas’ mode.

Safer Seas

In the Safer Seas mode players can play in their own server and invite up to 4 players. This means these are Player versus Environment (PvE) worlds.

Players who embark on a session in the Safer Seas mode will see the rewards for their actions reduced compared to the original servers. Players will earn 30% of the gold, no emmissary points and no Athena’s quests. Trading Company reputation will also be capped at level 40.

Players can enjoy all the Tall Tale’s on their own or with their friends, without the chance of being attacked by other players while enjoying the story missions.


Ever wanted to part of a pirate gang? With the new Guilds mode players can interact with each other and join guilds. When you’re offline you can still progress with Guilds. Other players in your guild can play with your ship, which adds to the captaincy points of your ships.

Skull of the Siren Song

The Skull of the Siren Song is a World Event where you will receive a message from Captain Briggsy. All the players in the server are given the same two maps. One contains a key and the other one contains the chest. When you complete the World Event you’ll receive the Skull of the Siren Song.

More information on Season 10 will be revealed soon. Season 10 of Sea of Thieves will start on October 19th.

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