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The ZSCMALLS 17.3″ 144hz portable monitor is a sleek, well-designed screen.  Built for use with nearly any device, it is an LCD display that can be taken on trips and used without plugging into the wall provided you have the right UBS-C setup.  Let’s go over the specs and my time using it for the past few months.


Screen Size17.3 inches
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Color Gamut100% NTSC, 100% sRGB
Aspect Ratio16 : 9
Contrast Ratio1000 : 1
Screen Brightness350 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle178 Degrees
CompatiblePC, Laptop, Android phone, Switch, PS3-5, XBOX, Raspberry Pi, SLR camera, CCTV etc
Recommend forWorking, Gaming, Viedo, Design, Travel, Live

The Setup and Sound

Setting up the monitor was a breeze.  I mainly used it as an additional PC monitor. This requires plugging the Type C to HDMI cable into my GPU and the Type C to USB-A charger into the wall using the provided wall adapter.  On a Thunderbolt port-enabled computer you should be able to charge the unit directly from your device as well.  I used this same setup with a Series X and S, and the display was read immediately on the HDMI/USB-C combo being plugged in.

The rear-firing “surround” speakers are decent, offering a clear sound but poor bass.  They get the job done of letting you kind of hear what is going on, but not much more.  The included magnetic cover doubles as a stand. It excels in both tasks even holding up to a never-ending assault as my cat laid up against the monitor repeatedly while trying to get me to pet her.

The Display

The most important part of the device is how the display looks.  The answer is damned good for the price.  It is a 17.3” LCD display with peak brightness in the mid 300 nits.  It is fantastic for indoor and low light use, and good enough to still be useable on a sunny day. Viewing angles are excellent and its native 144hz refresh rate lends to a buttery smooth image at all times.

Colors are accurate out of the box, though you can use the built-in on-screen display to try and fine-tune them.  The OSD’s responsiveness is terrible, making it a chore to change any setting due to its massive delay in registering inputs.  The mechanical switches on the left feel good to press, but are let down by the massive amount of lag you experience while using them.

My main use case for the display was as a 4th computer monitor, which helped my production duties for Xbox Era’s podcast.  As a gaming monitor I think I prefer it to the full enclosure options for something that is available for the Series S. It works with any system, phone, laptop, or PC and doesn’t run the risk of having a child close the display while the Series S is on and cooking the screen. Text is clearly legible and thanks to the 144hz it looked better with moving images and video than some of my older Samsung monitors do.  With how thin it is I never had any issues with overheating, and its metal chassis feels rigid and high quality.

I did run into one minor annoyance with Windows 11.  Occasionally when turning my PC on the monitor would not be recognized by the PC until I had unplugged and put back in the USB to HDMI cable.  It was a minor inconvenience but one none of my other three monitors have ever had.

In Conclusion

At an MSRP of $199 with a $30 coupon available at the time of this review if you are looking for a portable monitor for anything, phone, laptop, pc, or console this is an excellent 1080p/144hz option.  It offers a clear, colorful image that gets bright enough for daytime use along with multiple options for powering the device. ZSCMALLS Portable Monitor 17.3 Inch 144Hz 1080P FHD Gaming Monitor USB-C HDMI Computer Display HDR IPS Laptop Screen Extender with Smart Cover/Speakers for Laptop PC Mac Phone PS3 4/5 Xbox : Electronics

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