The Xbox Digital Broadcast Returns @ Tokyo Game Show 2023 on September 21

The cat beckons your attendance.

Microsoft has announced that they will be running a digital broadcast at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on the 21st of September. Airing at 1800 hours JST / 0900 hours UTC / 0200 hours PDT, players from all over the world can expect to hear progress updates from Xbox and Bethesda Softworks and see a creatively diverse collection of games from creators predominantly located in Japan and across Asia—there will also be exciting new games coming to Xbox Game Pass as well.

This year’s broadcast will air on the official Tokyo Game Show YouTube channel as well as official select Xbox social media platforms. Captioning will be available in Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, German and Castilian Spanish. It will also be broadcast with Japanese Sign Language (JSL), Australian Sign Language (AusLan), and audio descriptions in both Japanese and English. Links to the show will be provided the week of the broadcast.

If you’re near the Makuhari Messe on Saturday the 23rd, you’re invited to apply for free tickets to a special in-person event with Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond hosted by IGN Japan. Keep an eye out on those channels over here and here to learn more.

Have a gander at the full Xbox Wire post here and check out the highlights of Microsoft’s 2022 TGS broadcast down below.

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  1. 7pm Australian time lets go

  2. If anyone remembers last year’s stream it was all Japanese, no multi-language options.

    Is it too late for @Doncabesa to do a live stream commentary?

  3. Avatar for Staffy Staffy says:

    Hoping for some very cool surprises.

  4. It would be 5 am my time

  5. I’m sorry I just had to do it.

  6. Avatar for CryOn CryOn says:

    Bump because tomorrow is the show and it’s better then post everything in the community thread.

  7. So what are we thinking? Reckon we do get any FF content on Xbox?

  8. Last year Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 were announced to finally come to Xbox and NNK1 was shadow dropped that day. I hope we get something like that this year. Anything Final Fantasy, Ys, or Vanillaware related would be welcomed.

  9. Avatar for Freed Freed says:


  10. Avatar for Staffy Staffy says:

    Never say never! You would think Sony would be done with paying SE to keep it exclusive, at some point, lol.

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